Bring more ease, joy and calm into your life…

… with a blissful online Energy Healing Session.


is a wonderful life-enhancing offer, bringing your mind, body and spirit into alignment.
It’s like a massage for your soul.
This session is designed to bring you relaxation, balance and a sense of inner peace. It strengthens your ability to face life’s challenges and supports you through periods of change.

This is right for you,

if you feel stagnation, stress and exhaustion in your body. You might feel blocked and disconnected from yourself, and you’re longing for a calmer mind and an increased sense of contentment, equilibrium and joy – a feeling of lightness in your body, mind and soul.

The Power of Reiki

My clients describe their Reiki experience as powerful.

Here, I list some of their feedback on how they felt after our session:

  • relaxed & calm
  • lighter & refreshed or vitalized
  • less tension physically & mentally
  • more centered and grounded in their body
  • a deeper connection to themselves
  • in touch with their inner guidance
  • empowered and optimistic
  • more sensitive to the messages their body holds
  • more willing to drop what no longer serves them
  • more willing to let go and get a good night’s sleep

“Over the course of the last few years, I keep coming back to Judith for Reiki sessions. I truly love the way she holds the space, which makes me always feel safe. In her energy I can drop into a deep relaxation mode where my mind goes into a Theta state which enables me to receive guidance and messages while I am in the session. The beautiful thing is that Judith is also tuning in for me and delivers some helpful guidance for my next steps. This is so magical to experience how she does all of that intuitively! And I could always feel the positive effects on my body the days after. Thank you so much, Judith!”

Marie, Austria

“I want to begin by thanking you for a magical energy field reset. During the session, I was flooded with a warmth that has remained with me. Honestly, there are changes that I can see in my face in the mirror, a youthful softness. I feel a lightness of being. My physical body is energized. Psychologically, I am experiencing more creativity and a deeper focus for actualizing creative ideas. I was not anticipating these shifts and I am grateful for them.”

Taulbee, USA

What is Reiki?

Reiki is an alternative therapy form from Japan usually referred to as energy healing. The practitioner sends universal “life force energy” from their palms to the client.

In doing so, it activates the body’s self-healing ability and promotes emotional, mental and physical balance.

Reiki stimulates the movement of stagnant energy within the meridians of your body, opening up your chakras and allowing your body to come back into alignment.

By re-balancing the body’s energy flow, it dissolves blockages in the body that have been built up over time and caused physical pain, stress, worry or discomfort.

Reiki is a holistic healing approach, addressing body, emotions, mind and spirit.

It is a gentle, natural and safe technique suitable for all ages and health conditions, from newborns to the elderly, pregnant mothers to pre- and post-op surgical patients. Reiki can be safely used alongside allopathic or alternative medications.

This is what a Reiki online session looks like:

  • Before the session you receive a step-by-step guide on how to prepare the session at home including a few background music suggestions.
  • Each session begins with a brief consultation.
  • A guided meditation at the beginning helps you arrive gently and let go of everything that went on before the session so that you can be open to fully relax and receive this healing energy.
  • After the treatment, you have the opportunity to talk about your experience and ask questions.
  • The sessions are held via online video call.

Online Reiki from wherever you are.

Distance healing is a wonderful way to receive energy healing from the comfort of your own home. Distance healing sessions are just as effective as in-person treatment. Energy transcends distance and therefore, the body responds in the same way.
Allow yourself to be supported and enjoy a healing REIKI BLISS session.

THE REIKI BLISS — 60 mins € 90

In-person in Ubud, Bali

Reiki with me

I’m a certified Reiki Master practicing both in-person and by distance for many years. As most of my clients come from all over the world, online distance Reiki has organically become a big part of my practice –, and I love to engage with it.

As a natural empath, my Reiki sessions are very intuitive. This high level of sensitivity allows me to tune into your energy and locate where in your body a Reiki activation is needed to bring you back to balance.

What my clients are saying…