Go deeper into your healing journey and uncover a newfound inner confidence…

… with a unique online Energy Healing Experience.


a transformational body-mind experience to embody a stronger sense of inner peace, a feeling of ease and lightness, as well as the confidence to reclaim ownership of your life and step into the role of leading it.

This experience is designed to give you more clarity and a deeper connection to yourself. Moreover, it also offers tangible action steps for you to take toward a more authentic and joyful life.

This is right for you,

if you are going through challenging times, feel like you are stuck in a recurring struggle, and/or are looking for an understanding of what is blocking you from courageously moving forward in your life. This is also a great supportive experience if you are facing a new chapter in your life and moving through a big life transition. It allows you to find guidance and alignment with the new path of your life.

This unique Energy Healing Experience is so much more than just a Reiki session.

The session includes:


Which helps you to relax, calm your mind and soften the tension in your body so that you feel more at ease and a stronger connection to your higher self. Reiki supports you in bringing back your natural balanced state by releasing stuck emotions and energy stored in your mind and body. It increases your self-confidence as well as your awareness and love for yourself….

Reiki is an alternative therapy form from Japan usually referred to as energy healing. The practitioner sends universal “life force energy” from their palms to the client.

In doing so, it activates the body’s self-healing ability and promotes emotional, mental and physical balance.

Reiki stimulates the movement of stagnant energy within the meridians of your body, opening up your chakras and allowing your body to come back into alignment.

By re-balancing the body’s energy flow, it dissolves blockages in the body that have been built up over time and caused physical pain, stress, worry or discomfort.

Reiki is a holistic healing approach, addressing body, emotions, mind and spirit.

It is a gentle, natural and safe technique suitable for all ages and health conditions, from newborns to the elderly, pregnant mothers to pre- and post-op surgical patients. Reiki can be safely used alongside allopathic or alternative medications.

The Power of Reiki

My clients describe their Reiki experience as extremely powerful.

Here, I list some of their feedback on how they felt after our session:

  • relaxed & calm;
  • lighter & refreshed or vitalized;
  • less tension physically & mentally;
  • more centered and grounded in their body;
  • a deeper connection to themselves;
  • in touch with their inner guidance;
  • empowered and optimistic;
  • more sensitive to the messages their body holds;
  • more willing to drop what no longer serves them;
  • more willing to let go and get a good night’s sleep.


A tapping into your energy field and channeling of your Akashic Records allows higher insights by connecting to unseen or lost parts of yourself. The Akashic messages enhance your awareness and allow a new quality of clarity when it comes to your current life situation. I will ask for what is relevant for you or inquire on a specific topic you would like to get guidance on.

Akasha means aether or (the vacuum of) sky space in the ancient language Sanskrit. It is that which permeates the entire universe. It is said to be a cosmic store or library of vibrational information containing all and everything about your soul in the past, present and future. It holds every single thought, every action, every experience throughout your entire soul journey.

An experienced practitioner can tap into this energetic field and receive the currently relevant messages which propel you on the right path. It can provide understanding and guidance, which can be very healing, but ultimately it reconnects you to your soul-level truth.

An Akashic Records reading is a sacred process which needs your permission.


A dialogue and reflection on what came up during our session, so you can integrate and implement the newly found insights. The guidance comes with coaching elements, practical advice and tangible actions. I intuitively draw on extensive knowledge in the fields of psychological counseling, personal development and somatic bodywork.

This Energy Healing Experience is specifically designed to help you go deeper into your healing journey and embody a newfound confidence.

My clients reported,

feeling more relaxed and balanced afterwards with increased feelings of joy, love and compassion. They develop a greater inner strength and experience self-trust, looking at life from a lighter, fresher perspective. An experience which they describe as very grounding and profound.

For some clients, this translates into an enhanced sense of confidence in their decision-making about the next steps in their life. For others, this materialized as a concrete vision of their ideal career. And for others, this helped them to set boundaries with their parents, and to protect their own energy.

“Judith was amazing! The whole experience was life-changing. As soon as I met her, I felt her amazing energy and made me feel very warm and comfortable. The insights that I got after my session were very valuable and very spot on. I have been seeing a therapist for the past year and I can say that one hour with Judith was more valuable, and we covered most of my challenges that I have been getting help on. She was able to give me different points of view about my approach towards things that came up in our session. I feel so much better and definitely will be working with her again. You definitely get more than what you pay for, the value of this experience is priceless!!

Angineh, USA

“What an experience! I went to see Judith with no expectations and not knowing much about Reiki as it was my first time. Judith explained everything beforehand and made sure I was comfortable. She has this great energy around her so I felt immediately in ease and relaxed. We set some intentions what I want from this session and received just the right answers to help me move forward in my life. After the session I felt in peace, almost like my worries just washed away and received valuable advice that I will take to my heart. I can’t encourage you enough to book this session, to say it will change your life is an understatement. Thank you so much again Judith! You are amazing.”

Alexandra, United Arab Emirates

This is what the online session looks like:

  • Before the session you receive a step-by-step guide on how to prepare the session at home including a few background music suggestions.
  • Each session begins with a brief consultation. We identify the intention and the focus of the session together.
  • A guided meditation at the beginning helps you arrive gently and let go of everything that went on before the session so that you can be open to fully relax and receive this healing energy.
  • While you are receiving Reiki, I’m performing a psychic reading, by using my psychic abilities and opening your Akashic Records.
  • After the Reiki treatment, we engage in a consultative dialog. You may share your experiences, and I’ll let you know the insights and messages I have channeled.
  • With the support of my psychological coaching skills, I offer you a practical implementation of the newly gained insights, which is aligned to the messages received.
  • The sessions are held via online video call.

An online Energy Healing Experience from wherever you are.

Distance healing is a wonderful way to receive energy healing from the comfort of your own home. Distance healing sessions are just as effective as in-person treatment. Energy transcends distance and therefore, the body responds in the same way.

THE REIKI EXPERIENCE — 90 mins € 130

In-person in Ubud, Bali

THE REIKI EXPERIENCE draws from my entire professional expertise.

I draw upon my certifications as a Reiki Master, in psychological counseling, and as an experienced Akashic Reader.

My extensive knowledge within the fields of psychology and personal development helps me to gain a deeper understanding of what you may be struggling with and what supports THE REIKI EXPERIENCE in terms of consultation and implementation.

As a natural empath and highly sensitive person, my sessions are intuitively guided. This high level of sensitivity allows me to tune into your energy and to locate where your body needs a Reiki activation to bring you back to balance. This also enables me to receive further messages and guidance from your energy field.

My sincerity and down-to-earth nature ground this work in an approachable and accessible way.

As most of my clients come from all over the world, online energy healing has organically become a big part of my practice –, and I love to engage with it.

What my clients are saying…