Claim your inner power and find clarity on your next steps in life…

…through a powerful session combining the spiritual and practical.


an opportunity to gain more clarity and confidence about your current life path. INTUITIVE GUIDANCE lays the groundwork for embracing a new version of yourself and confidently pursuing paths you might not have tried before because you were unsure or have been too nervous to tread.

The session combines a multitude of approaches, ranging from a psychic & Akashic Records reading to psychological counseling and more practical life coaching.

INTUITIVE GUIDANCE is designed to give you profound insights into what’s been holding you back and the exact steps to move forward.

This is right for you,

if you are looking for a deeper understanding of what is blocking and keeping you from letting go of the old and moving forward in your life. You might feel stuck in recurring cycles, going through the same challenging patterns again and again.

This session is designed to support you when you are facing changes in your life, seeking some orientation and the feeling of inner strength.

My client leave with …

  • clarity about themselves and the confidence to move away from the cycle of struggles in life – with tangible action steps and tools on hand.

  • newfound capacity to trust their intuition and courageously live their authentic self – with an increased sense of self-acceptance and self-love.

  • a richness in possibilities, as they let go of self-imposed limitations and own the ability to change their perspective.

  • a feeling of hope and positivity, as well as the strength to stand in their truth – by owning and taking responsibility for their life.

What the session looks like:

  • Before our session begins, I tune into your energy field. This enables me to get
    an overview of your energetic body and its blockages. I also tune in to see what is currently present for you and to channel messages and insights by opening your Akashic Records.
  • During our session, I share what I have received. After which we have time to delve into the life areas that you may be struggling with.
  • The consultation will be a dialogue between us, in which I remain energetically open to channel more information.
  • The guidance comes with coaching elements, practical advice, and tangible actions. I intuitively draw on extensive knowledge in the fields of psychological counseling, personal development, and somatic bodywork.
This combined approach opens up a new vision of you. It helps you to understand, integrate and implement what comes up during our session. The individual counseling is designed to support and stabilize you in this process, to open up inner pathways for you to take towards a more empowered version of you.

Choose your INTUITIVE GUIDANCE option.

It works great as both, a regular or a semi-regular session. You may opt for a 90-minute or a 60-minute encounter.

From my experience, 90 minutes is the perfect timing.
Within 90 minutes, we can cover most of what is currently present and/or relevant for you.

A 60-minute session is great for regular clients of this format. If you prefer the 60-minute version without being a regular, we can manage to address your most pressing issues within this time.

INTUITIVE GUIDANCE — 60 mins € 145

INTUITIVE GUIDANCE — 90 mins € 200

In-person in Bali

A powerful combination of the spiritual and practical.

For INTUITIVE GUIDANCE I delve into extensive knowledge in the fields of psychological counseling and coaching. At the same time, I use my psychic abilities to tap into your energy field and channel insights and messages from your Akashic Records.

The sessions are based on a highly intuitive approach. Apart from my training background, my natural empathy and innate sensitivity will make you feel heard and empowered. I draw from years of experience in the field and freely combine western psychological methods as well as ancient eastern healing practices.

Akasha means aether or (the vacuum of) sky space in the ancient language Sanskrit. It is that which permeates the entire universe. It is said to be a cosmic store or library of vibrational information containing all and everything about your soul in the past, present and future. It holds every single thought, every action, every experience throughout your entire soul journey.

An experienced practitioner can tap into this energetic field and receive the currently relevant messages which propel you on the right path. It can provide understanding and guidance, which can be very healing, but ultimately it reconnects you to your soul-level truth.

An Akashic Records reading is a sacred process which needs your permission.

What my clients are saying...