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Hello, I’m Judith.

I’m an Empowerment Life Coach and Reiki Master, and I want to support you coming into your power to live a balanced and authentic life. I believe self reflection, personal development and inner healing has the power to enormously improve your quality of life. As an Online Coach and Online Reiki practitioner, I am available to you regardless of the location.

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My holistic coaching program is individually designed just for you, to deeply transform your inner world. It helps you to overcome your personal and professional challenges and to realize your full potential. This coaching is an investment in yourself, and it will benefit your entire life

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Reiki promotes relaxation and stress reduction. Reiki activates your body’s self-healing ability, releases energetic blockages and supports your emotional, mental and physical balance.

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Client testimonials

“Talking with Judith was the best decision I made.”
“Judith guided me respectfully, emphatically and with a high level of emotional intelligence.”
“Without her, I wouldn’t be where I am now.”
“Her advice accompanies and guides me. She has become like my inner voice.”
“She knows how to listen and understand the most complicated situations. She is very patient and wise.”

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