Judith Rosinski Coaching

Are you longing for a sense of relaxation, balance and time for self-care?
Reiki can bring more ease, healing and harmony to your life as well as improve your mood and increase your energy level.

Benefits of Reiki

Promotes relaxation and stress reduction
Improves sleep and increases energy levels
Relieves pain, tension and feelings of exhaustion
Relieves anxiety, sadness and restlessness
Deepens the sense of inner peace and well-being
Enhances self-awareness, self-love and the connection to your higher self
Can bring you clarity and insights on current situations and improves focus
Supports the release of stored emotions, limiting thoughts and beliefs
Reiki is a wonderful supportive technique to bring your mind, body and spirit into alignment to improve the quality of your life. It strengthens the feeling of being able to face life challenges and supports you through periods of change.

What is Reiki

Reiki is a form of alternative therapy and is usually referred to as energy healing. It is a technique from Japan, which sends universal “life force energy” from the practitioner’s palms to the client. In doing so, it activates the body’s self-healing ability and promotes emotional, mental and physical balance.

Reiki stimulates the movement of stagnant energy within the meridians of your body, opening up your chakras and allowing your body to come back into alignment.

By re-balancing the body’s energy flow, it dissolves blockages in the body that have been built up over time and caused physical pain, stress, worry or discomfort.

Reiki treats the whole person, including body, emotions, mind and spirit. It is a gentle, natural and safe technique suitable for all ages and health conditions, from newborns to the elderly, pregnant mothers as well as surgical patients. Reiki can be safely used alongside medical treatment.

Reiki with me

I am an international Reiki Master with experience working with people both in-person and by distance. As so many of my clients come from all over the world, online distance Reiki has organically become the focus of my practice, and is what I enjoy doing the most!

No matter where you are in the world, I am here to support you.

As a natural empath, the Reiki sessions I offer are very intuitive. My high level of sensitivity allows me to tune into your energy and locate where in your body the Reiki is needed to bring you back to balance.
It is not unusual for me to receive insights or channel messages that I will share with you at the end of a session.

Reiki is amazingly complimentary when combined with coaching. I like to use Reiki in my coaching program to deepen and enrich the work, as it aids the release of mental and emotional blockages, helping you to relax and to come more into your own power.
I also like to offer a coaching input at the end of a Reiki session to integrate the experiences, emotions and insights that have come up during the session.

Book your Online Reiki Session

Distance healing is a wonderful way to receive energy healing from the comfort of your own home. Distance healing sessions are just as effective as in-person treatment because energy transcends distance and therefore, the body responds in the same way.

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I want to begin by thanking you for a magical energy field reset. During the session, I was flooded with a warmth that has remained with me. Honestly, there are changes that I can see in my face in the mirror, a youthful softness. I feel a lightness of being. My physical body is energized. Psychologically, I am experiencing more creativity and a deeper focus for actualizing creative ideas. I was not anticipating these shifts and am grateful for them.

My Reiki sessions with Judith feel incredible. I enjoy the soft meditation before the energy work and her preparation and open explanation before and after make the experience absolutely trustworthy and relaxing. I am continuing to work with Judith through an extremely difficult time in my life at the moment and the outlook that her sessions provide on an energy level are truly appreciated. In my sessions I was able to focus on colors that revealed where she is focussing on. All in all I am grateful for Judith’s sessions!