Judith Rosinski Coaching


I'm Judith.

About Me

I believe self reflection, personal development and inner healing has the power to enormously improve your quality of life. I want to support you coming into your power to live a balanced and authentic life. I will help you release beliefs which are blocking you so that you can unfold into your true potential.

Already as a young girl, I studied people’s behavior patterns and analyzed them. What makes one person act the way they do? Not only has this fascination with psychology, philosophy and spiritual healing been present throughout my life, it has led me to turn this great passion into my profession.

In my former career in international event management, I organized as a project manager big public events and numerous events in the politics and science sector. During my 10 year tenur I practiced my profession with much joy and passion. I have learned to take on great responsibility, to work in a structured and strategic way, to lead and to build an independent career. These experiences benefit my clients today.

In my life I have experienced many challenges and strokes of fate, so I know what it is like to feel blocked, to feel at odds with yourself or to feel alone with your problems.

My own journey has led me to develop a holistic coaching approach. I combine modern western and ancient eastern psychology, philosophy and healing methods such as energy work including Reiki, mindfulness and meditation practices, somatic work and herbalism.

Working with my clients gives me a feeling of fulfillment, tremendous energy, and so much joy.

I look forward to getting to know you!