Judith Rosinski Coaching

Do you want to feel empowered to live a positive, self-determined and authentic life?
You want to…
have balance, abundance and purpose in your life
walk through life with trust, ease and joy
have the inner strength and confidence to go for the life of your desire
unfold your full potential and creative power, and know your vocation in life
achieve your goals and live the best version of yourself
love yourself and feel deeply connected to yourself and others
Self-reflection, personal development and inner healing have the power to significantly improve the quality of your life.

I am here to awaken the most authentic version of yourself.

Together, we will access your inner power to overcome your personal and professional obstacles, and master future challenges with confidence and self-reliance.

I will support you to:

  • create a clear vision of your dreams and desires, to set goals and to achieve them
  • enhance your self-awareness and cultivate mindfulness practices to establish a state of calm and ease
  • cultivate a deep sense of self-love and self-worth, and to trust your intuition
  • learn to make fast and effective decisions
  • work in a structured, focused and efficient way, with stress-free time management
  • develop a healthy, sustainable and holistic lifestyle with a supportive work-life balance
  • identify and reprogram your limiting thoughts and beliefs that are holding you back, to free yourself from worry and stress
  • set boundaries, learn to say no and free yourself from the desire to live up to others’ expectations
  • establish a strong and supportive mindset and create long-lasting positive change

I will provide you with a safe space where you can be completely yourself.

With my psychology-based coaching, we will focus on helping you to develop a better understanding of yourself, your behavior patterns, and life circumstances. You will learn how to reframe your mindset, dissolve your own limitations, gain the self-confidence and practical tools required to overcome your challenges and create long-lasting positive change.

As you begin your journey back to your true self, you will soon start to see your relationships improve with others and most importantly with yourself.

Are you ready to start your journey to yourself, of healing and transformation?

Are you ready to feel empowered, find clarity and connect to your most authentic self?

Let’s go!

Schedule a free discovery call with me where we discuss your needs and tailor the optimal coaching to you.

​My holistic coaching program will be individually designed just for you, to deeply transform your inner world. We will identify the areas, which need attention, build a strategy for your personal needs, create tools, daily routines and more. This coaching is an investment in yourself, and it will benefit your entire life.​

1-1 Coaching Session 1h  €145
(incl. VAT.)

We can hold the sessions via phone, WhatsApp call, Telegram call or Zoom.

I am excited about getting to know you and starting to create the life of your desire.


“I was looking for someone to help me put myself back together in my deep crisis. Talking with Judith was the best decision I made. Judith guided me respectfully, emphatically and with a high level of emotional intelligence. She managed to give me support and orientation in this painful process and explain the context and reasons behind so vividly I’ll never forget them. She made me feel like me again – but now I’m more conscious, positive and empowered. I am infinitely grateful for Judith’s help.”

“Judith is positive and motivating. Practical and flexible. She doesn’t need to convince you, she just proves her skills and her competence with her attitude and life choices. Working with her I had the chance to exit many mental patterns and to start looking outside of my self imposed limits. Teaching me the importance of boundaries and personal space, she reminded me about the joy that I can experience in any context of my life and about the enthusiasm that we, as grownups, can bring in the daily activities we choose. Starting from the most important one: respecting and loving ourselves in the purest way.”